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Robin recently announced a convergent Friends get together in Indiana this April, if you’re going to be there for FWCC you should check it out. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out Martin Kelley, the mastermind behind the project, has updated the site, and added some great new features to the global Quaker blogging community.

Robin and Wess cowrote an article in this month’s Friends Journal on convergent Friends. It’s called From the ‘Kitchen’ to the ‘Parlor.’ Be sure to check it out.

From Robin: We finally have a location for the next convergent Friends dinner party on August 4, 2007! We’ll meet at the home of a Friend in Torrance (for more info please contact us). I expect that it will start around 5:00. Check here for further updates. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve updated our resource page and our widget (in the right sidebar) both contain links to downloadable resources for Convergent Friends stuff.

The one I am most excited about is Rachel Stacy’s fresh-off-the-press “Convergent Friends: An Introduction.” She offers some history, some theology and brings up some possible challenges to the cF conversation. She’s done a fantastic job, and included in it is a bibliography mainly of web-links for further reading.

Also – if you consider, or call yourself a convergent Friend and would like to be added to the blogroll here please leave a comment below so we can add you.

For a listing of resources you can visit directly or check out the widget to the right.

David Male, convergent Friend (who doesn’t have a blog), and member of Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative) has written about his encounter with Jesus. It’s a good story to read and like David, it is provocative.

In it he says,

After an experience at Ohio Yearly Meeting in which an old Quaker lady told me that she had stopped worrying about her sin and learned to “rest in the love of Jesus and let his blood wash away [her] sin,” the scales fell from my eyes. I was truly born again into a new heaven and a new earth in which all creation had a new smell. Before, I had come to believe that God had the power to raise Jesus from the dead. Now, I knew that he intended to use that power to restore all creation, beginning with me. It was no longer about me struggling to be the best person I could be so I could hopefully earn the love of God or at least feel better about being imperfect. It was all about the perfect love of God beginning to transform me into the child of God I was always meant to be.

Visit the Conservative Friends website for the rest of the article.

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