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Who are the Convergent Friends?

At this point we’re made up of Quakers from the US, Great Britain and Australia. We don’t consider what we’re doing a “movement” but rather a conversation and a friendship as we try to discuss the radical changes within our culture, how that’s affecting our tradition, and how we can follow God’s mission in the world given our postmodern world.

Our DNA? We are unprogrammed, programmed, liberal, evangelical, post-liberal, moderates, post-evangelical, emerging, postmodern, Christian, seekers, and young and old. We are people who’ve grown tired of the old categories and the lack of creativity our tradition has found itself in; we’re bothered by the absence of a relevant Quaker message in the world and we like to use what ever means possible to share our ideas and connect. We feel like there is something of the substance that has gone out of our tradition, no matter what subgroup we’re in. There is something we can learn from each other and we haven’t tried hard enough to find what that is. We can tell that the world’s changed around us, and we can see that our church is far behind the times. There have been many walls put up around our various groups, and we’ve realized that if you take those walls down a lot of us are asking the same questions and have the same hopes, dreams and fears. We realize we’re all still in the same family and we want to get to know each other. Given these characteristics we write a lot, blog a lot, talk and email each other constantly; yes, we use the internet to connect in as many ways as possible. We love to gather in person, eat meals together, hear each other’s stories and have a good time. We’re interested in being friends more than we’re interested in staying on our own side of the fence. And we’re not afraid to go to your yearly meeting and talk about this stuff! 😉

We hold to classic quaker practices like simplicity, equality, non-violence, a prophetic witness to the state, a strong view of the Kingdom of God as here now, and uphold the importance direct experience of God, silence and the sacredness of all life.

We have also found many insights through the emerging church and are influenced by many of the movements leaders, we see important connections between that movement and our own project. So we read the current thought in theology and try and find our own footing as Quaker practitioners and theologians.

Important Articles and Links

Robin M. gave us the name in the spring of 2006 claiming that convergent is conservative Quakerism coupled with Emerging Church thought. You can read her very important post here.

Not only did the name click but it also stuck, and since her linguistic innovation we’ve been able to name something that many Friends have desired for a long time.

My own article has been important as a starting for discussing the convergent Friends program, it was published in Quaker Life and you can read it here.

But we’re definately not the only two interested in this topic. I encourage to check out QuakerQuaker and the convergent Friends page there – you will be able to find some of the most recent blog posts on this topic there.

How Can You Find the Convergent Friends

You can also join our facebook group, add yourself to the list serve, see our delicious tags or go check out the Quakerpedia article.


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[…] (If it sounds a bit like I’m talking to my parents, estranged from one another and stubborn about an old conflict, it’s because I am. Many folks in my generation – the generation that is inheriting the religion – are dissatisfied with the branches we’ve been given and the older generation’s resignation. See: convergent Friends) […]

[…] been helped by looking at the Convergent Friends blog hosted by C. Wess Daniels, and, in particular, by reading Daniels’ article, […]

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