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Announcing Convergent October 2008

Posted on: September 15, 2008

This October is Convergent month, the first of its kind, but what does it mean? A number convergent Friends have decided to declare October, convergent month of 2008. It means that this month we’re inviting Convergent Friends everywhere in the world to make a concentrated effort to dream, discuss, and have loads of fun thinking about where Friends are and what the Future of Friends might be.
We’re planning parties, get-togethers, suggested reading lists, service projects, experimental worship gatherings, directed efforts at publishing in Quaker periodicals around these topics, and of course lots of blogging goodness. I’d like to invite all of you to join with us in the festivities however you see fit. This is meant to be something fun, relational, active (vs. just being heady), creative, and worshipful.
Here’s a list of just some suggestions we’re working with (feel free to add more in the comments below):
  • Invite those who are convergent Friends or who are interested in the discussion over for dinner party or some variation: swimming, biking, meet at a pub or coffeeshop, host a baking party, or a book club for the month.
  • Get together and do some kind of outreach or service oriented project with other Friends, especially those who you don’t normally see or agree with.
  • Try and convince your meeting, or yearly meeting to do something convergent related for your next gathering.
  • Get out that one big writing project (on cf) you’ve been working on!
  • Join the facebook group and post discussions.
  • Visit a meeting that considers itself convergent/emergent

Ideas for a Convergent Worship

  • Lectio Divina
  • Body Prayer (See Doug Pagitt’s book)
  • Share a meal together
  • Scripture reading, or role-playing
  • Fast together
  • Prayer Labryinth
  • Take a day retreat, hike or camping trip and consider some of these questions

Blog Goodies

  • Interviews with other Quakers
  • Spotlight historical “convergent” friends
  • Review and discuss books you find important to this discussion
  • Share you stories and connection with convergence
  • Make a documentary about some aspect of convergent friends
  • Do a video with characters and a story introducing Friends topics for YouTube, Vimeo, etc


  • If you’re the publishing type get out that article you’ve been meaning to write about convergent Friends this month!
  • If you have something you’d like to publish on our site, let me know and we’ll get it peer reviewed.
  • If you’d like to help with please let me know.

Suggested Readings

  • Quaker Vision of Gospel Order – Lloyd Lee Wilson
  • Crucified Covenant – Douglas Gwyn
  • Body Politics – John Howard Yoder
  • Irresistable Revolution – Shane Claiborne
  • Sacred Compass – Brent Bill
  • Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? – James K. A. Smith
  • Emerging Churches – Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger
  • Entertainment theology : new-edge spirituality in a digital democracy – Barry Taylor
  • Read the Gospel of Luke and The Book of Acts, it is the original “conservative & emergent” story in the bible.


  • What is one thing you see as a key to the future of Friends?
  • What do you love about the other Quaker branches?
  • Where have you seen these at work?
  • What are your stories of convergence?
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3 Responses to "Announcing Convergent October 2008"

[…] essay also reminded me to post the details of the upcoming, first ever, Convergent October. This is something a number of us having been working on, and it seems fitting in hindsight that we […]

[…] I remembered my blog… And notice the hopeful way I title this post, implying that just maybe, perhaps, this might be the first in a series celebrating Convergent October 2008. […]

“What is one thing you see as a key to the future of Friends?” I am hopeful for the eventual inclusion of all Friends, including gay/bi/transgendered, and an open dialogue about true Equality for all.

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